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About Nederland, Colorado

Nederland, Colorado is the site of the annual Frozen Dead Guy Days, which occurs every year in early March. The festival came about because of Grandpa Bredo Morstoel, who was from Norway. Instead of a burial, Grandpa Bredo Morstoel was packed in dry ice and prepared for international travel. First, he was shipped to the Trans Time cryonics facility in Oakland, California, where he was placed in liquid nitrogen for almost four years. Then, he was moved to Colorado in 1993 to stay with his daughter Aud Morstoel and his grandson Trygve Bauge, both strong advocates for cryonics who hoped to start a facility of their own.There he stayed for years under cold cover, in a shed, near his grandson’s home. When grandson Trygve was deported in the mid 90s because of an expired visa, Bredo’s daughter stepped in to take care of the household – including keeping her father on ice. Soon, Aud was evicted for living in a house with no electricity or plumbing and was about to head back to Norway. This meant that the family=s fledgling cryonics facility was destined to come to a halt. Worried that her father would thaw out before his time, she spoke to a local reporter, who spoke to the Nederland city council, who passed Section 7 34 of the municipal code regarding the Akeeping of bodies. Luckily for Bredo, he was grandfathered in and allowed to stay, and he has been well cared for by his family and community ever since.
Every month, a team of volunteers deliver 1,600 pounds of dry ice and pack it around Grandpa Bredo in his sarcophagus, surrounded by foam padding, a tarp, and blankets.